The Sufi TV grew out of the need to address the issue of dangerously lacking knowledge about the “true nature” of Islam. “What is Islam? Who is Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)? What did he teach? How did he live? Does Islam recognize other religions? Can Islam coexist with other religions? Is killing innocent civilians is Islamic? Why “some Muslims” are so hateful towards non-Muslims? What has been the tradition of Muslims? What is the history of Islam? Can Muslims be friends with Jews and Christians? Are Muslims required to live in peace or at war with Jews and Christians? Are Muslims monolithic? What are the differences between various denominations / sects of Islam? What is the contribution of Muslims for science and technology? How Muslims ruled various parts of the world? How Qur'an is divine and the most authentic book? What are the Islamic beliefs about Allah (God), Prophets (Peace upon them), sacred books, Aulia Allah (saints), humanity and the environment? Sufi TV through its programs provides answers all these questions and much more. Sufi TV was inaugurated on 21st Sha’baan, 1432 AH corresponding July 23, 2011 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It is the first Canadian Islamic online television. Sufi TV broadcasts live and recorded programs from various mosques, conferences, seminars and discussion groups. Sufi TV provides news and thought provoking discussions on the issues that affects the citizens of the world.

Mission Statement

To revive the tradition of Sufis of Islam who understood and practiced Islam in its purest form. Sufis changed hearts and minds of people. They focused on the essence of Islam, not the cosmetics. They loved and served Allah’s creation without any prejudices of creed, colour, language, ethnicity, gender, wealth, power, etc. Sufi is always at peace and brings peace to everyone. The utmost love for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his progeny is the most important asset of a believer. Sufi TV produces programs to increase this love and respect which ultimately creates love for Allah’s creation. Sufis developed better relationships with non-Muslims through interfaith dialogues and brought the message of Islam to those who were completely stranger to Islam.


Sufi TV promotes unity among humanity in general and unity among Muslims in particular. However, this unity must be based upon civilized dialogue and equality. The unity among Muslims is a huge challenge in current times. We believe Muslims can be united only on one belief, “the love and respect for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)”. All other efforts of unity among Muslims have failed due to sectarianism or struggle for control by one party over the other. Only Allah’s Messenger’s love (peace be upon him) can bring us together.


  1. Revive the true teachings of Islam.
  2. Remove misconceptions and misunderstandings about Islam.
  3. Reach out to Muslims who have been misguided and misinformed by extremists and Khawarij and bring them back into Islam by explaining them the Sufi ways of life.
  4. Reach out to non-Muslims and remove misunderstandings and misinformation about Islam.
  5. Reach out Muslim youth and provide them platform to develop leadership and communication skills.
  6. Reach out Muslim women and involve them in leadership and education.

Sufi TV Team:

  1. Prof. Imam Syed Badiuddin Soharwardy – Spiritual Guide (Murshad)
  2. Ilyas Butt, Montreal    - Managing Director and Director Advertisement & Marketing.
  3. Zahid Rafique, Toronto – Director Programming and Scheduling
  4. Syed Hassaan Ali, Calgary – Director Production and Technology
  5. Saad Amjad, Mississauga – Director Accounting & Procurement
  6. Waqar Khan, Mississauga – Director Youth Programs
  7. Mobin Ahmed Saeed, Edmonton – Director Alberta
  8. Arjmand Khan, Vancouver – Director British Columbia
  9. Br. Rehan, Calgary – Director Content Management